The Week of the English Language at our Primary School

30 Апр 2016, Автор: Владимир Спица

The Week of the English Language was a real wonderful and bright event in the Primary School. Children took part in different quizzes, games, lessons which were full of travelling and adventures!

We began our English Language Week with the exhibition of the Family Project “The Real English Family”, which was dedicated to the anniversary of M.Twain, R.Kipling, and J.Rowling.

DSC_1280There were the displays of pictures: “I Study English”, prepared by the pupils of  the 1st and 2nd Forms. It was organized with the help of our teachers:A.Yurchak, T.Pozdnyakova, J.Kirsanova.

On Tuesday, the pupils of the 1st A and B forms travelled to the* Magic Town* with their teacher AlyonaYurchak. During the lesson,all children had interesting games, funny competitions and they sang English songs!










Then, some pupils of the Primary School recited poems. They took part in the competition: “Friend of Rhymes” where adjudicators (L.Kryukova, O.Koyrah and K.Kichiyants) chose the winners.


On Wednesday, the pupils of the 2nd A and B forms and their teacher Julia Kirsanova had the video-trip to London.  The children of the 3rd form chose the Queen and King of the English Language under the supervision of Tatyana Pozdnyakova.

On Thursday, kids were invited to the English Theatre. Funny jokes about school life and families were performed by pupils  with the help of Tatyana Pozdnyakova.

We finished our English Week with the Show ofbrave  pirates and the search of treasures! After  our children had found the pirates` treasures, they had a disco-party and  flash mob.

By the way, the parents of our pupils  were very active, too! They had an opportunity to visit  theEnglish Café, where  the café managers were K.Lomakin, Y.Shvets and K.Bugenko and  with the help of Julia Kirsanova they  served delicious English cakes!

 It was fun! Children were given prizes and awards!