Principal’s letter to the pupils of the school of liberal arts

15 Апр 2016, Автор: Владимир Спица
Кияновский Dear Friends,
This week will be a special one in our School of Liberal Arts as it is dedicated to the knowledge of English !

The use ofthe English Language is very important among school children and students of Ukraine. Therefore, it must not be used in the classroom or when pupils are in school only! It has to be practiced in their daily conversation regardless place and time. A consistent use of the English Language will ensure pupils at their tender age inculcate the essential skills needed. Reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar in the English Language are five important skills which pupils should master.

Aims of the English week:
There are two aims of the English Week. Firstly, to make the use of English in this school visible. The deep knowledge of English can be shown in the forms of reading, speaking, listening and writing. Secondly, to encourage all pupils to use the English Language as a medium of interaction with their friends and teachers. This can encourage them start using the English Language fluently! There are many talented pupils at our School of Liberal Arts and I, personally, hope that this week will help them improve their language skills, show their talent in reciting poems in English and acting, singing and even performing national British dances!
I want all my pupils to remember that the knowledge of English is a MUST nowadays and ENGLISH will open the doors of your future life and will help you, my pupils, make your carrier !
Success attend you !

With best wishes,
Artem Kiyanovskiy