Our English Language Camp

16 Июн 2016, Автор: Владимир Спица

On the 13th of June our Summer  English Language Camp began to work at the School of Liberal Arts. The children, who attend the camp have a nice opportunity to master English during 2 weeks .

The program includes different activities for children such as :

–  singing songs in English,

–  acting drama ,

–  learning Grammar,

–  funny sport activities in English,

–  video – lessons and discussion.

During the whole day the campers are busy with their teachers who create the atmosphere of the English environment. To make the kids be interested in English the teachers have already prepared the worksheets in the foreign language to be filled  by kids during their excursions to the Zoo in Nikolaev city, the Center of Kherson Local Lore “ZelenyHutory”, Regional Library for children –the center “Window to the USA”, which was opened under the umbrella of the American Embassy in Ukraine.

The first day of the Camp was unforgettable as the campers were offered to participate in the Funny Express Program .

It included the participation in several sections :”Guess a  famous fairy- tale”, ”Funny Grammar” , “Music box”, ”Magic Field of  English  Words “, “English Drama”.

The participation in the sections was in the forms of competitions. The winners had a lot of sweet presents.

The day was full of success!

The second day was dedicated to visiting the Regional Library for children.

The librarians played with the campers different games in English and we watched the cartoon “Nemo” in English  wearing special glasses -3D format.