International Collaboration

25 Апр 2016, Автор: Владимир Спица

The pupils of our school are the active members of the International Project   «Education Without Borders».

It was   one of the most unforgettable and important events which took place in October 2015 in Poland. Pupils from Ukraine and Poland came to The University of DąbrowaGórnicza in order to exchange their experience of culture, customs and traditions of their nations

During this event a lot of pupils made friends and gained a lot of new experience. No doubts, that this meeting was useful for teachers as well as they had a wonderful  opportunity to  talk about different issues regarding educational process at their schools.


Dear Pupils!

If you are a hard working pupil at ShGT, the University of DąbrowaGórnicza PROVIDES YOU  THE CNANCE TO ENTER  THE UNIVERSITY WITHOUT EXAMS! NO EXAMS  AT ALL!!!

«Thank you for considering the University of DąbrowaGórnicza as a step in your professional career and educational development. We believe that the University of DąbrowaGórnicza will fully meet your expectations», – says Rector
Professor Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz.

The University of DąbrowaGórnicza was founded in 1995 and since then it has been continuously reacting to the changing needs of the educational market. It offers a competitive and modern study environment. During your studies you will be able to take advantage of laboratories and teaching facilities of the highest standard. In addition, studying at the University of DąbrowaGórnicza is not confined only to theory – you will test your knowledge in practice and real-life situations.

The University of DąbrowaGórnicza will also provide you with an opportunity to learn the Polish culture and the way our  Polish students live and spend their free time. Soon after your arrival, you will have a chance to experience our Polish hospitality and openness. At the same time living in Poland allows learning, responsibility and independence.

In the past few years the University of DąbrowaGórnicza has participated in many international projects. Year by year this number is increasing and the University of DąbrowaGórnicza makes every effort to provide its stude
nts with programs corresponding to their interests and needs. We are sure that choosing the University of DąbrowaGórnicza is one of the best steps you can take and it will certainly open the door to your future professional career.

At present the University of DąbrowaGórniczaprovides education for more than 6000 students and that number is constantly rising. We would feel honored to welcome you as one of them.