Theater at the School of Humanitarian Labor.

In 1992, a unique educational institution, the School of Humanitarian Labor, appeared. Its uniqueness lay in the fact that it was the first Ukrainian private school to use innovative approaches in the educational process. Along with traditional for secondary school subjects, there was a discipline, aimed at the creative development of students, not previously included in the school curriculum – subject “Theater”.

What goals were then set for the development of students :

– To acquaint them with the theatrical art itself

– creating conditions for the formation of a positive attitude towards cultural values;

– upbringing of spiritual wealth of the personality;

– development of artistic taste;

– mastering of the skills of public speaking;

– awareness of own individuality and importance;

– removal of the inner stiffness and development of the student’s confidence.

For the best actors of the school stage a special title was introduced, which is understood and honored by every student of our school – Honored Artist of the SLA. A gallery of portraits now adorns the school’s lobby, regularly adding new actors.  

Hard work, multiplied by the love , makes a result : the lessons of the “theater”. with each new project, becomes more and more popular in the school, and the methods of teaching are studied by specialists and adopted by teachers from other schools.

Interest in school theater increases every year. With the aim of organizing and conducting extracurricular work with students, revealing of creative abilities of children in the school, 2 groups of theatrical studio work within the framework of the Weekend Club, under the direction of the teacher of the course “Traditions of Ancient Greek Theatre”, the teacher – methodologist Serbina E.A. Children learn the basics of acting skills, take part in school theatrical performances. 

Guests of the studio were world-famous guests and in particular: People’s Artist of Ukraine A. Gall-Savalskaya and Honored Artist of Ukraine E. Gamayunov.  

It is an honor for the students to be invited to participate in joint projects between the SLA and Kulish HOAMDT. 

The school theater moves beyond the walls of the SLA, and such events as “First Bell”, “Birthday of the SLA”, “Last Bell” are held at the main academic stage of N. Kulish HOAMDT.

Projects where school children and professional actors of the theater play on one stage, where they can get master-classes of stage acting from the leading actors of the regional theater, became the limit of dreams for many students of the SLA.  Nearly 20 years of close cooperation between the SLA and Kulish House of Drama and Drama Theater. Since

2011 joint projects have taken place on the main stage of the city: 

“Vovka in the Far away Kingdom” (2011)

“Disobedience Holiday (2012)

“The Naked King” (2013)

“Bremen Musicians” (2014)

Kid and Carlson” (2015)

“Pinocchio” (2016)  

Cinderella” (2015)

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors” (2018)  

“Tutti’s Doll” (2020)

The ideological inspirer and author of all projects has been and remains the director of the school, candidate of pedagogical sciences – Kiyanovsky Artem Aleksandrovich, who believes that the development of children in school should be multifaceted and interesting. Since every child is unique and it would be unfair to rob him of the opportunity to reveal, albeit in a discipline that is not in the mandatory curriculum.

Every day at the School of Humanitarian Labor is full of positive and bright events. And for several years the slogan of SLA remains unchanged: “We mae the stars brighter! And not without reason, as here is all aimed at ensuring that the student, already within the walls of the native school realized its potential, and our teachers will help him in this.