Teaching staff

Kiyanovsky Artem Aleksandrovich –  a principal of the educational complex –School of Liberal Arts, Kherson Regional Council, Ph.D.,  an associate professor,  a  member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences of the Russian Federation,  an honored educator of Ukraine.

He was bornon  the 31th of  March , 1969 in Kherson. In 1991 he graduated from Kherson State Pedagogical Institute named after Nadezhda Krupskaya and  he was qualified as a teacher of physics, computer science and computer engineering.

He successfully combined studying and  working in the House of the Pioneers of the Dnipro district  in Kherson . After graduation from the Institute  he worked at  asecondary school in  Muzykovka village,  Belozersky region    as a teacher of out- of- school activities and in the House of the Pioneers of theDnipro district in  Kherson  he obtained the same position . In December 1991 he was appointed  as a principal of  School of Liberal Arts.

In 1996   KiyanovskyArtemAleksandrovichwas  awarded the academic degree – PhD   at Kherson State University . Also in 2001 he received the second higher education , he graduated from Kherson State Agrarian University, the faculty  of  “Accounting and Auditing” and obtained his Master Degree.

The main aim  of  the scientific activity of  A.Kiyanovsky as a principal  of this  experimental private school ,was concentrated on  humanitarian working methodologies and testing items for a great number of secondary schools in  Ukraine and the introduction of new courses into the process of teaching children. The result of this scientific and pedagogical activity was  the creation of the training program, which includes, in addition to compulsory subjects, the following subjects: English and German, the Basics of criminal law , Philosophy, History of religion, Greco-Roman mythology, History of art, Art work, Music by the System of Kabalevsky, Theater, Choreography, Chess. In addition,  theEnglish, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages in school are taught according to the  special schools programs.  A. Kiyanovsky actively shareshis experience with teachers, not only from  Ukraine, but alsofrom  the Russian Federation during his participation  at the All-Ukrainian and international seminars, by his own articles  in scientific and methodical publications of both countries.

Educational complex –School of Liberal Artsis  the only educational establishment  in the field of education, which obtained the status of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine as a  Laboratory. This means that school is based  and developed  according to the  new methods of teaching  children under the supervision of the famous scholars.

A.Kiyanovsky  has become the  author of more than  60 published works. Among them, manuals and recommendations, programs of additional courses, handbooks, monographs and articles devoted to the education and upbringing of the younger generation .

A.Kiyanovsky  isone of the famous teachers-innovators of our time. In 1997, for the development and implementation of new courses he was  given an award for  ”  Excellent results  in Education of Ukraine”. In 2001 he  received the title of “Teacher-methodologist”. In 2006 he was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.”

For significant contribution to the revival of spirituality in societyhe  has been awarded by Orthodox Church. He is Commander of the Order of Saint Prince Volodymyr of III degree; Holder of the Order of Nestor the Chronicler;  Holder of Monk Sergei of Radonezh II degree and  Prince Vladimir;  Holder of the  Order of St. Demetrius (Tuptalo), Metropolitan of Rostov.


2002-2006  – Deputy of the Kherson City Council;

2006-2010  – Deputy  of Kherson Regional Council;

2010 – Elected deputy of Kherson Regional Council of 41 majority district.


Teaching staff is an example of the high pedagogical standards , who pays special attention to self-education and training, the development of creative abilities of children, bringing  them to co-authorship in all activities.

The staff  of teachers:

Educational complex  the SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS of  Kherson Regional Council is the Laboratory of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


– 1 Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine;

– 2 Academicians of   Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and Russia;

– 4 Doctors of Sciences;

– 4 Candidates of sciences;

– 9 teachers – “Excellence in Education of Ukraine”;

– 18 teachers who have the title of “Teacher-methodologist”;

– 9 teachers with the title “Senior teacher”;

– 43 teachers of higher category;

– 12 teachers of I category;

– 8 teachers II category.