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Видео поздравление учеников ШГТ “Happy birthday SLA!”

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2017

Campers in the Library

Thursday, 16 Jun 2016

On Tuesday ( 14.06.2016)  we went to the Regional Library. It was fun! The professional librarians showed us how to play interesting games  which are based on our  level of English such as ” Guess the correct word” or “Monopoly”. At the special center of the English Culture Anna Vorontsova told our campers about the history of the United Kingdom and London. We travelled to the imaginary London of the 14-15 centures and knew much about the life of the British Queen . We played games to check up the knowledge in history,literature, and cultural aspect. It was awersome:)


Our English Language Camp

Thursday, 16 Jun 2016

On the 13th of June our Summer  English Language Camp began to work at the School of Liberal Arts. The children, who attend the camp have a nice opportunity to master English during 2 weeks .

The program includes different activities for children such as :

–  singing songs in English,

–  acting drama ,

–  learning Grammar,

–  funny sport activities in English,

–  video – lessons and discussion.


The week of the English Language at the School of Liberal Arts

Monday, 25 Apr 2016

Last week was a bit unusual at our school as it was dedicated to the English Language. It was hard to find the pupils who did not want to participate!
Just have a look at the wall newspapers, prepared in English. You can see the photos of Harry Porter, Tom Sawyerand his friends, and many other famous characters .

The week of the English Language at the School of Liberal Arts