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The week of the English Language at the School of Liberal Arts

Monday, 25 Apr 2016

Last week was a bit unusual at our school as it was dedicated to the English Language. It was hard to find the pupils who did not want to participate!
Just have a look at the wall newspapers, prepared in English. You can see the photos of Harry Porter, Tom Sawyerand his friends, and many other famous characters .

The week of the English Language at the School of Liberal Arts

International Collaboration

Friday, 22 Apr 2016

The pupils of our school are the active members of the International Project   «Education Without Borders».

It was   one of the most unforgettable and important events which took place in October 2015 in Poland. Pupils from Ukraine and Poland came to The University of DąbrowaGórnicza in order to exchange their experience of culture, customs and traditions of their nations


Tolerance: indulgence or active position

Friday, 22 Apr 2016

The staff  at the School of Liberal Arts  consists of very talented and hard – working teachers of English who find time not only for teaching but for writing scientific articles and doing research projects. This article, written by  Eugenia Vishnevetskya,  is about Tolerence. Enjoy reading it!

This guidelines is the scenario and plan for the preparation of interactive activities on tolerance for older students, as well as the selection of materials and links to the most successful, in our opinion, sources in the public domain.

The developed material, thatis the result of the cooperative  work of teachers, psychologists, social workers,   takes into account the age characteristics of high school students.

Our work will be useful for class tutors, school administrators and students   to bring up the younger generation as  tolerant people,  to teach them  to understand and accept  the  diversity of the surrounding world.


President declared 2016 the Year of English Language

Friday, 22 Apr 2016
Порошенко President Petro Poroshenko signed Decree “On Declaring c”.

The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to elaborate and approve a complex of measures for 2016 and the following years aimed to intensify English studying in Ukraine.

It is necessary to develop mutual exchange of pupils and students between educational facilities of Ukraine and foreign states where English is the main language of communication. Ukrainian general education institutions should take active part in the EU program “E-Twinning Plus”.


Schedule of Upcoming Events at the School of Liberal Arts

Thursday, 21 Apr 2016






1. Hold the meeting  of teachers on the occasion of the study  of  Presidential Decree  “On Declaring 2016 the Year of the  English Language in Ukraine”.


20.01.16. Boiko T.N.

Teachers of English.

2. Fill  the educational site (portal)with   various English language material for independent workof  Primary School pupils . February 2016. Urchak E.

Kirsanova J.

(primary school 1-4 forms).

3.  Create a page on the website in English and fill it in with  interesting materials . Once a week . Cherevan V.

Spitsa V.