School Structure

The Educational Complex –School of Liberal Arts is located in three buildings: a building of Secondary (Gymnasium) school (str. Molodezhnaya, 33), a building of Primary school and Pre-school groups (str. Ukrainskaya, 19), a Dormitory (str. 9 Yanvarya, 46). The Complex consists of 25 classrooms in Primary school .Pre-school groups are equipped with bedrooms, play rooms. The Educational Complex has 2 gyms, 2 playgrounds, 2 dance halls , 3 canteens which are equipped with dining halls, a modern library with a reading room, and a computer room.
The school day begins at 8.00 a.m and lasts till 5.30 p.m. It includes not only lessons, but also the time for doing homework , visiting clubs and sports sections.
The curriculum provides obligatory subjects, such as: English and German, the Basics of Criminal Law and Procedure, Philosophy, History of Religion, Greco-Roman Mythology, Art history, Theater, Choreography, Chess. Such subjects as English, German, Russian, Ukrainian are taught due to the program of specialized schools (Primary school and Secondary school – 4-6 hours a week).
The Pupils of the Educational Complex have meals three times a day; they are transferred by school- bus, the pupils are accompanied by teachers .
All buildings are under the protection of State security guard service “Warta” and “Titan”.

Secondary school ( Gymnasium) : st. Molodezhnaya, 33.
Tel. (0552) 45-47-02.
Due to the Decision of the session of Kherson City Council, dated on the 21st of August 2008, the Educational Complex – School of Liberal Arts was provided with a new building for the Gymnasium
(str. Molodezhnaya,33). This building was in a very bad condition but today it has been renovated thanks to the funds of the Kherson Regional Council, as well as by our Teachers’ and Parents’ Funds.

Primary School and pro- gymnasium: Str. Ukrainskaya, 19.
Tel. (0552) 49-10-60.

Under the umbrella of Primary School there are pre-school groups (for children aged 3-5 years). In these groups much attention is paid to the comprehensive harmonious development of kids and their preparation for school life. Unlike other pre-school institutions, children obtain the basic knowledge of Mathematics, Phonetics, for the further study of the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages, Art work, Choreography, Computer literacy, Ecology. Our school experts prepare the author’s programs with the following goals: the development of language and phonetics , writing skills, tasks with elements of logical thinking for the children, who are 5-6 years old. Teachers provide a psychological, pedagogical, individual and group support for children.

Primary School – Full-time school
The most vivid characteristic of this school is that intelligently combined process of learning , in addition to general subjects, includes the study of the English, Russian, Ukrainian languages 4-5 times a week, beginning with the 1st grade and the lessons of Classical Greco-Roman Mythology, Theater, Choreography, Music by Kabalevsky’s system, Art work (curriculum of art school), the History of religion, Chess, Crafts, Computer Studiesthroughout the day. Psychological and Speech Therapy centers continue to support pupils of our primary school.

(Kindergarten and primary school are located in a separate building,
the address is Str. Ukrainianskaya, 19).

Dormitory: Str. January 9, 46. Tel. (0552) 26-46-13.
The School of Humanitarian Arts has successfully solved the task of attracting gifted and talented children from Kherson and Kherson Region. The Dormitory may accommodate about 80 children. Dormitory has 9 blocks with rest rooms, bedrooms for 4 people, dressing rooms, hygienic facilities, with showers and boilers.Here the pupils have the access to an equipped laundry, a dryer, a storage room, a gym, and rooms of active rest with video and TV sets , a rich library with a reading room..In the dormitory the pupils have the opportunity to have 4 meals during the day.
12 pupils of the school are under the social protection of the state. As a part of the social program for children , the school has organized the health care centers in the spa zone of Kherson region for children. The school has bought sets of special sport uniform for pupils.