Schedule of Upcoming Events at the School of Liberal Arts

21 Apr 2016, Author: administrator






1. Hold the meeting  of teachers on the occasion of the study  of  Presidential Decree  “On Declaring 2016 the Year of the  English Language in Ukraine”.


20.01.16. Boiko T.N.

Teachers of English.

2. Fill  the educational site (portal)with   various English language material for independent workof  Primary School pupils . February 2016. Urchak E.

Kirsanova J.

(primary school 1-4 forms).

3.  Create a page on the website in English and fill it in with  interesting materials . Once a week . Cherevan V.

Spitsa V.

4. Make a movie’s subtitle for film- winners among  screen versions of works by  O. Henry  filmed by pupils ,place them on the School’s website. March 2016. Boiko T.

Dubenko N.

Shapoval N.


5. Post on the School’s website and publish in a separate brochure the materials of   CONFERENCE ON TOLERANCE. Use these materials while learning the topic *Conflict* in the 11th Form. March 2016. Boiko T.

Cherevan V.

Shapoval N.

6. PrepareAzizova Marina , a pupil of the 10th Form  for participation in the competition :  Junior Academy of Science ( *Malaya Akademia Nauk*) in the nomination «The English Language». January –February 2016 . Boiko T.
7. Hold Teacher Certification Meeting   for the English language teachers :

Koirah O.,Vishnevetskaya E.,

Boiko T.



March 2016. School Administration ,

City Teachers Board


8. Translate the film about Paul Jones and create a new edition   of the movie with subtitles. April  2016. Moskaleva I.

Dubinich R.

9. Createspecial « LESSONS FOR PARENTS» to learn  conversational phrases in English, and hold joint sessions with  pupils playing the role of  the assistants of  teachers. April 2016. Krukova L.

Pozdnyakova T.

Skobelina T.

Koirah O.

10. Week of the English Language 18.04.2016-23.04.2016. Boiko T.

All teachers of English.

11. Investigate the questions of continuity in teaching English in primary  and secondary Schooling. April 2016. School Administration ,

Urchak E.

Boiko T.

12. Organize the performance of a weekly radio program on school RADIO  * Round the World* During the year . Moskaleva I.

Ahtulova A.


13. Continue the activity of the Club of young political scientists. Once a week . Koirah O.

Sapozhnikova I.

14. Continue the participation of pupils in the International Projects: *E Pals and Post crossing* During the year. Skabelina T.

Vishnevetskaya E.

15.  Create the program for the course  «Life Safety Skills», practice  the safety rules in  everyday life. During the year. Skabelina T.

All teachers of English.

16. Organize  the work of the  Summer English  Language Camp for children. June 2016.  School Administration ,

Boiko T.

Paladiy L.


17. Fill theSchool  web site  with additional teaching materials. Publish the most interesting works of pupils on the site. During the year. Teachers of English.
18. Study the impact of special courses in the 5th-10th Forms on the process of learning and teaching  English  and  create the schedule  for 2017-2018yy. May-June 2016. School Administration,

teachers of English.


19.  Final English Exam in the 5th-11th Forms. The review   of the results. June 2016. Grinko T.

Movenko  E.

Teachers of English.