Proper nutrition at our school


The nurse Krivoukhova T.I. and teachers of the School of Liberal Arts constantly remind children about the rational nutrition, about the proper diet, which is sustained in the school menu.

Our school dietitian Vdovichenko S.A., taking into account various factors such as: the age of groups, seasonality, the right combination of foods and dishes, balance of nutrients and energy (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.) constantly makes balanced meals, which is very important for young organisms.

We also have periodic talks with students about nutrition, where at the last meeting honored doctor of Ukraine, doctor gastroenterologist Malitskaya AP told the recommendations for healthy eating, presented in the form of a presentation “Students and healthy eating.
Thanks to the talks, students received detailed information about what rational nutrition should be and why this kind of nutrition is organized at our school.