Our life in SLA

For everyone, school is something of their own, an institution that is inseparably connected with childhood and adolescence, which gives a certain base of knowledge and experience to start life… And it is very important that these memories were positive, useful and vivid. As it is one of the main stages of our formation.

This is the vector indicated at School of Liberal Arts, where everything is aimed at ensuring that the graduates of this school would be successful, where an individual approach will be to everyone, and years later you will bring your child to this school …

SLA is an amazing place, it’s a kind of alma mater for me, because here I received mainly spiritual and philosophical education, which fed me spiritually.

Now, a few years after my graduation, I am still looking with the eyes of a guy who has just come to this educational institution, but a lot has changed at the school. For instance, the school has already built and launched a new educational building in the high school.

Here our school is located to make the educational process not only sufficiently advanced, but also as interesting and visual as possible for the students. That is why the headmaster of our school equipped several special classrooms in the new buildingfor giving lessons of Physics, Chemistry and Choreography.

Also, our Headmaster is working hard on the reconstruction of our school library, and at this stage the foundation is already laid and the construction work is underway. Here is the design of the future building:

The Primary School is not lagging behind, here the headmaster has changed the interior of the building and added many details to make it pleasant for our little pupils to go to school.

And to make sure every child doesn’t get bored on the weekends, SLA fully supports active time with friends and a healthy lifestyle, so every week the school hosts a weekend club where every child will find something interesting to do.

On September 1, 2019 at the beginning of the school year for the first time there was a premiere on the big stage of the play “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, a joint project of SLA and Kherson Kulish Drama Theater.

Our guys, despite the distance learning, continue to study hard online and at the same time actively participate in school competitions. During the quarantine period, there were 15 competitions. Among all the pupils of 5-10 grades totally 393 of them became the participants in all competitions.

56 pupils of 1-10 grades, who are active participants of school contests, were awarded books with total value of 37 240 hryvnias by the headmaster of our school.

Artem Aleksandrovich Kiyanovsky also awarded money prizes to students in grades 2-10 in the amount of UAH 38,000 on 91 occasions.

At SLA, children are taught to do good deeds and enjoy helping others. For the period of 28 years, the School of Liberal Arts: teachers, parents and children, are engaged in charitable activities and volunteering. The mission of the school’s volunteers is to offer a helping hand for those in need. On January 31, 2020, teachers, students and parents raised the sum of 13,000 hryvnias and donated it to the city’s “Chance” Dog Shelter.

In the 2019-2020 school year, by order of the Kherson Regional Council, SLA took on the humane mission of providing an educational process for children who are undergoing long-term treatment at the Kherson Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital.

On St. Nicholas Day the parents and students of the school held a holiday in the hematology department of the hospital which delighted the children.

On September 22, near the plaque to I. Kulik in the courtyard of the school a rally was held on the Day of Partisan Glory. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War – partisans M.H. Yarmosh, V.P. Kaznacheev and A.M. Shevchenko presented the fifth-graders with a badge of the gymnasium.

Day of Partisan Glory. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War – partisans: M.H. Yarmosh, V.P. Kaznacheev, A.M. Shevchenko.

On December 7, the Local Government Day, the guests of the senior pupils of the School of Liberal Arts were the delegates and the heads of the local government who told the pupils about the administrative work of the local structures.

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays in the School of Liberal Arts family holidays and Christmas matinees were traditionally prepared and held at a high organizational and methodical level, where the children took an active part and showed their talents as actors.

On January 31, 2020, a concert was held in honor of the 28th anniversary of the School of Liberal Arts , in which most of the students and teaching staff of the school took part.

The new academic building was consecrated by the Cathedral of the Clergy in the new auditorium. The service was led by the rector of All Saints Church, Archpriest Fr. Vitaly Doroshko.

The ceremony was followed by a concert by the St. Catherine Cathedral Choir for faculty, students and parents.

The meeting of the pupils of the school with the Hero of Ukraine, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Anatolievich Boyko, who is also a member of the board of the educational complex and the veterans of the Afghan war (Stolyar Vladimir Filippovich, Pererva Vasily Nikolaevich and Elagin Alexander Nikolaevich) was not less exciting.

Also the school has a building of the hostel for children from the regions where 68 children in grades 7-11 from the districts of the Kherson region were living since the academic year 2019-2020. By the beginning of the new academic year the building was equipped with a computer class with 10 computers, comfortable conditions for living of the children, preparation of lessons, leisure time and hobby groups were created.

The School of Liberal Arts does not stop for any moment going to the purpose and it is headed by the Director of an educational complex – Artem Aleksandrovich Kijanovskyy, the honored teacher, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, the honored worker of formation of Ukraine who considers that formation should be accessible to everyone and does everything that children would go to school only with a smile on the face.

And looking at the way my native school has overcome and how much has been done for children, I can say with confidence that our future young generation is in good hands.