Kherson School of Liberal Arts was opened in Ukraine as one of the   new model of school : full-time school .The experimental work was reflected in its content: the organization of the educational process (developed a scientific concept, time-table, schedules) .Teaching staff began  to work at this experiment and continues it up to  nowadays. The   aim is  to develop and test the new content of education and teaching. The founders of this school were   the Trade Union Committee of the Company  “Hersonpromstroy”,    PhDT.V.Dyachkova and   ArtemKiyanovsky.

On the 12th of December 1991 according to  the decision of the founders,  ArtemKiyanovsky was appointed as a principal of the school. Since   January 31st  , 1992  this date  has been considered as  a  birthday of the School of Liberal Arts. The school was located in the  building of kindergarten  in   Dimitrova Street, 25-a.

1992-1993 the first academic year.  We had only  75 pupils (5 forms : four 1st grade and one 2nd grade ). The first school teachers, who are  stillworking  :

Kiyanovsky AA

Grey VL

Paladiy LA

Fedyaeva EV

Dzyadyk GP

Poluektova SG

Pozdnyakova TA

Kuznetsova G.I.- the first librarian of the school.

In 1994-1997 School of Liberal ARTS ( SHGT) became an experimental platform of the Teachers  Training  Institute .  Among the supervisors ofthe  school were  the famous scholars of Academy of  Pedagogical Sciences in  Ukraine, academician E.P.Goloborodko, associate professor T.V.Dyachkovaand academician O.V.Suhomlinskaya.

The school has grown rapidly . In 1994, 10 preschool groups for 105 children  were opened in the building of a kindergarten  inLavrenev  Street .Two buildings were not enough for the children and staff. So, in 1995  a primary school moved into a building of a kindergarten in UkrainskayaStreet , 19,  and the pupils of  high school moved  into  the building of a kindergarten  in  DevatogoYanvarya Street., 46.

The  School was located in the  buildings of three kindergartens .

In 2000  School of Liberal Arts (SHGT ) was the winner of the “School of the Year”  Kherson  city competition.

In 2003 and 2011 the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and the Central Committee of Trade Union of Teachers   gave   the school a special reward  for having  created comfortable environment for its  pupils .Pupils  of SHGT  may  be envied:  each   year their   school becomes more comfortable, safer, more beautiful.

For 20 years the school has been developing  its own traditions. During   17 years   such holidays as  “First Bell” and “Melodies of the last bell” are  taken place  in the Regional Drama Theater.  The annual Theater festival takes place in February, which is the result of fruitful work  while taking  the course  of “Theatre” , a collaboration of teachers and pupils  at  school.  Traditional family evenings  take place 2 times a year.

All  school leavers  enter higher education establishments .  Among them are the students of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv Institute of International Relations, Kyiv Institute of Economics and Law, Dnepropetrovsk Customs Academy, the Odessa National University,Odessa Law Academy, Moscow Institute of Law, Kharkiv Law Academy , KSU, HNTU.

Particular attention is paid to the  civil and patriotic education. The pupils of School   took patronage over the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union IlyaKulik, visiting and helping veterans.

On  May 6th, 2011 in the Kherson Regional Museum there was a presentation of the  manuscript ” To Veterans of the Great Patriotic War dedicated.” . On the front wall of the gymnasium we installed a commemorative panel  to the Hero of the Soviet Union IlyaKulik . Here we held meetings for children and representatives of the regional council of veterans, participants of the Great Patriotic War.


For nearly 20 years the gymnasium pupils have been  patronizing those who are especially in needs of help and attention. The children collect  clothes, toys, books, stationery and sweets, give concerts and performances at City Orphanage “Teremok”.

One of the main differences  is- a Weekend Club.

Every Saturday, the children come to school to  participate in the out of school activities. Classes are held  in the following clubs:

-Vocal Lessons  at primary school and gymnasium;

– Folk dance;

– Know – IT -ALL  inEnglish;

– Ballroom dancing;


-Sport Section “Aikido”;

-Sport Section of basketball;

-Sport Volleyball section;

-Sport Football section;

-Sport Section playing sports;

-Club “Chess lovers”;

-Artistic Studio;

– Club  “Young lawyers”;

– Club  “Young artists”.