Brain-ring “Moya mova kalinova” November 9

12 Nov 2018, Author: sgt


Brain-ring “Moya mova kalinova” November 9 in SLA a Brain-ring “Moya mova Kalinova”(My language is beautiful) was held for 5th grade students and parents devoted to the Writing and Speech Day. At the beginning of the holiday, the president of the school Molchanov Vladislav addressed the participants with a welcoming word. And the team evaluated the competent jury, which consisted of the winners of contests and competitions: Shendrik Ksenia, Tverdovskaya Faina, Anna Ryleeva, Alexandra Sugak. During the brain-ring photojournalist Mostovoy Nikolay was taking pictures. On this brain-ring students learned a lot about the beauty and richness of the Ukrainian word. In commemoration of the unusual holiday, the participants received books of contemporary Ukrainian writers.