2016 – 2017 Christmas Cards Exchange

19 Jan 2017, Author: sgt


Dear students!

The second round of Christmas Cards Exchange Project is over. The last postcard has been received. It’s time to sum up…

This year there were 31 schools from all around the world taking part in the Exchange Project. That was a school to school exchange. Each school sent and received 30 cards in total.  Most of the cards were handmade.  Christmas/New Year wishes were written in both English and native languages and the students signed them. Some students wrote information on the area they live as well as on Christmas/New Year traditions, or even shared a traditional Christmas recipe of their countries. The new  idea this year was to prepare a video or sound file with the students singing a traditional Christmas song in each one’s native language.









We are grateful that you took part in the Project and hope you enjoyed the process.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Traditions from Hellen Yurchenko